也是 FEN 和茶博士五重奏乐队成员。

yan jun, born in lanzhou, china in 1973. based in beijing.
as an improvised music player he often uses feedback noise between speakers and the space to create subtle and unstable sound, which was influenced by his body movement and even the audiences’.
his “Living Room Tour” project is about to use instruments and objects from the room in the specific environment of audience’s home. as both solo and collaboration (in beijing often with the “Impro Committee”) in a social form of music.
his “Noise Hypnotizing” project (aka Micro Feedback) is headphone concerts for small amount of audiences who would like to sleeping or waking up.
he also collecting all kind of sounds through field recording. including malfunction of the recorders themselves.
he is member of FEN and the Tea Rockers Quintet.
he has been presented at Shanghai Biennale and got honorary mention by Ars Electronica (Linz). as a poet he has attended in Rotterdam International Poetry Festival and Berlin International Poetry Festival. he is founder of Sub Jam label/organization.

联系 contact: [email protected]

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