photo: Julia Gelach

也是 FEN、茶博士五重奏、即兴委员会成员。

yan jun, musician and poet. born in lanzhou in 1973. based in beijing. currently lives in berlin for artist residency (daad).
he is working on improvised music, experimental music, field recording, organizing and writing.
alongside of at venues, he goes to audience’s home to play with the environment and what else available in the room (Living Room Tour project). and doing noise hypnotizing at any place for small amount of audiences.
also amplifying body movements or other performative elements in a simple manner.
he is member of FEN, Tea Rockers Quintet and Impro Committee. and founder of the guerrilla label Sub Jam.

[email protected] | 淘宝 | bandcamp | flickr | 撒把芥末 Sub Jam | 茶博士 Tea Rockers | FEN