cassette; crustacés tapes; 2019


composed by yan jun; performed by nicholas bussmann, bonnie jones, zhu wenbo, torturing nurse, seijiro murayama, ryu hankil, sound of the mountain, sun wei

during 2016-2017 i have wrote some postcards to anne-f jacques of crustacés tapes, for exchanging tape releases from her label. i wrote down onomatopeia words of chinese characters to describe what i’ve been hearing during the time. i supposed she doesn’t read chinese then they would remain mysterious.
later anne-f suggested me to develop them into a work for crustacés tapes. with this honor and some suggestions i made scores from them. and the title is taken directly taken from it: postcards.

1. nicholas bussmann – a1 04:09
2. bonnie jones – the fog 06:11
3. zhu wenbo – a3 has no title 07:54
4. torturing nurse – qzgghtzpl 08:22
5. seijiro murayama – holiday in paris 07:16
6. ryu hankil – b2 00:57
7. sound of the mountain – postcard piece #4 07:12
8. sun wei – i went to shuinianhe road by that night 08:22